Traffic is what we do. 95M visits per month and counting.

  • Mitula Group is a global network of marketplace websites, we help people find their next property, car, job or even pair of shoes. We are active in over 50 countries and have 95 million monthly visits to our websites.
  • Each of our sites is local and has predominantly local visitors so you can specifically target advertising to an audience in a specific country. In addition the visitors to our sites are right at the start of high-value purchase decisions so you can decide which purchase decision best matches your offer.
  • We have a number of CPM and CPC advertising opportunities available that will drive quality visitors direct to your website.
  • Along with dedicated account management and support, we also give you access to a traffic dashboard where you can measure the traffic generated daily and calculate your conversion rates and ROI to understand how your ads are performing so you can make informed decisions.
  • If you’re a classified platform, send us a feed of your listings and we will drive visitors straight to your website.
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Generate traffic products

We integrate your banners in our search result lists. They look and feel like “real” listings which makes them get great conversion rates.
Short text integrated in our listings and hyperlinked to your landing page where you will be able to offer your product or service to a segmented audience.
A good tool for generating new leads, visits and app downloads or simply staying top of mind with your potential customers
A great space in which to include a banner about a service or product related to our segmented users’ interests.
We offer banner campaigns that help you to promote your product/service and increase your brand recognition with your audience.
It provides an exclusive and permanent option to our partners to boost their traffic trough a specific sponsored area to show part of their listings.
Do you need to reach beyond your database of prospects and try a retargeting campaign with us? Get your services in front of our users.
Increase brand awareness in a new market! This pre-made package is ideal for first time advertisers or brands that simply want to reach a wider audience.
Drive attention to your shop during the sale season! This is a pre-made package perfect to push any sale you might have running.
Get the word out about your amazing new collection! This is a pre-made package designed to creative awareness and drive traffic to your latest collection.
Our main business is the generation of traffic to classifieds and portal sites. Our large user base across our network performs highly segmented searches.
Our price reports provide a unique wholistic view of these sectors by analyzing listings data from all available sources.

Why Market leaders choose Mitula Group

Mitula Group is a leading classifieds group operating vertical search and portal sites that is introducing advertising solutions for their partners to drive primary and secondary transaction leads. Market leaders choose us:

  • For immediate results. We keep a strong focus on conversion and ROI.

  • For increased quality. Our partners recognize that our traffic converts well. Quality counts!

  • To reduce risk and diversify their traffic sources. Don’t depend only on a few.

Some companies that have already benefited from these products