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One of our most popular tools, this is a banner that appears on every page of search results, linking to a page of your choosing within Fashiola. We offer either a double or single search result banner, which are the size of one or two product listings.

Technical specifications

We use our own styleguide, including our own fonts and colours. If this has to be changed for any reason, it should be approved first.

Included in

  • Build your brand package

  • Sale package


  • High impression exposure for your latest campagin or sale

Business Model

  • Flat fee

Designed for

  • If you want to promote your campaign all over the search results in our platform

What do we need from you?


  • IO signed / Email confirmation

  • High quality images min. size 2560×1600 pixels (landscape or portrait)

  • Professional fashion images, with a composed background

  • We prefer campaign images with people or products

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