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Do you need to reach beyond your database of prospects and try a retargeting campaign with us? Get your products and services in front of our users. Mitula Group now offers select premium partners the opportunity to retarget its Criteo cookied audience with their banner ads or feed listings. This advertisement strategy allows partners to capture and convert users who previously visited one of Mitula Group’s sites while they visit other websites.

Segment and design your campaign target

You have several options: 1. Impact the whole audience. Current and new users from Mitula, Nestoria or Nuroa. 2. Impact just new Mitula users. Exclude users already sent by Mitula that month (we exclude all users that have clicked on a partner’s listing – sending first time users from Mitula). 3. Impact only net new audience. Only possible when a partner has an existing Criteo account). Exclude all existing cookied users and receive just absolute new users.


  • Retarget our users when they browse other websites and convert them into your customers

  • Keep your brand in front of potentially lost traffic

  • Access Criteo’s services even if you don’t have a Criteo account

  • Expand your reach, target the perfect audience beyond your current users

Business Model

  • CPC basis (+minimum budget)

Designed for

  • Financial services (mortgages, personal loans)

  • Car and home insurance

  • Home or car valuation services

  • Property investments

  • Home improvement services

  • Real estate agencies

  • New home developers

What do we need from you?


  • PO or contract agreement with agreed conditions

  • If you are already our partner:
    we will make a banner based on your feed listings

  • If you are not our partner yet: we will need you to provide us with the creativity i.e. banner and a landing page

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