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Turn your content into leads. Try our native advertising campaigns designed for service companies that need to reach a specific target group related to real estate, cars, jobs and fashion.

Native ads are banners like display ads that are integrated in a fixed position within the search result list. They look and feel like “real” listings but are fixed generic ones, not fully related to the search algorithm.

Technical specifications

Once the Purchase Order has been signed, we will ask you for the native ad content. To have a basic overview we need a title 1, which should be a catchy sentence with max. 100 characters; a title 2, which is the principal title with max. 50 characters; title 3, which is a undertitle with max. 80 characters; a description about your service or product, which shouldn’t be any longer than max. 300 characters; a photo with 400 x 300 px.; and a URL to a concrete landing page.


  • Gain new customers via high-quality traffic

  • Highly exclusive (very limited number of partners per vertical)

  • Access to your service/product completely integrated in our search results

  • Possibility to segment your campaigns per region, property type, etc

  • More efficient advertising solution than banners

  • Higher CTR

Business model

  • CPC

  • CPL

Designed for

  • Financial services (mortgages, personal loans)

  • Home improvement services

  • Car and home insurance

  • New home developers

  • Home valuation services

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Property investments

  • Removal services

What do we need from you?


  • PO or contract agreement with agreed conditions

  • Image of the project, product or item related to the service

  • Short heading over the image like secondary call to action or catchy slogan for native ad

  • Set up web service or similar system to share data with Mitula

  • Product, project or service description

  • Landing page URL

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