Increasing Spanish proptech company’s sales

Housell is a Spanish proptech that is revolutionizing the way people buy & sell their properties. The company came to Mitula looking for people, not agencies nor brokers, who wanted or needed to sell their homes. Taking into consideration this specific situation, Mitula developed a customized strategy that was implemented in Spain from May to December on Mitula and Nestoria mainly but also supported by traffic from Nuroa.

The goal
Generate qualified leads
The solutions

Mitula’s Advertising proposal for this company was to combine three advertising solutions, namely text links, native ads and display, across our three main property portals (Mitula, Nestoria and Nuroa). The success of this campaign, in large part, was thanks to working so closely with the client. We made suggestions on their landing pages, conversion formulas etc in order to improve their conversion funnel. As with all our clients, the value of our campaigns, apart from the products themselves, is our methodology of working as one with the client, putting ourselves in their shoes, understanding their needs firsthand, and knowing how and where to provide our added value.





Business goal

Generate qualified leads

Main KPI’s

Qualified leads generated = individual home sellers

Qualified leads generated per month for mortgages

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The results

Through these campaigns, Mitula Group was able to generate more than 1000 customers for which would potentially translate in + 200,000 euros revenue for Housell. Furthermore, the conversion rates form clicks to leads moved from 0,5 to 1%. Thanks to this campaign we were thinking of a global strategy to apply Mitula advertising solutions in other European countries.

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