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We at Mitula keep all of our users up to date with the latest offerings based on their interests. These alerts, sent twice a day, are a great space in which to include a banner about a service or product related to our audience’s interests. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach segmented users with clear interests in property, cars and jobs.

Technical specifications

For this type of campaign, we only need a banner with max. 650 x 400 px., a concrete link to a landing page and a correct UTM tracking code.


  • Strategic partner endorsement

  • Exclusive email alert sponsor

  • Access hundreds of thousands of registered users with high affinity to your products

  • Top of mind exercise

Business Model

  • CPM

Designed for

  • Financial services (mortgages, personal loans)

  • Car and home insurance

  • Home or car valuation services

  • Property investments

  • Home improvement services

What do we need from you?


  • PO or contract agreement with agreed conditions

  • Banner with the specific creativity (max. 650 x 400 px.)

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